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The Kid Who Would Be King

Use our free KS2 resource to help children find their inner Knight

Dear teacher,

The resource helps children identify their own strengths and qualities so that Arthur can pick them as part of his circle of noble Knights.

The two lesson ready-made resource links to a national drawing competition to create a Knight recruitment poster – winning prizes include a private class screening at 20th Century Fox’s offices in London!

    Download the free resource today - included:
  • 2 detailed DFE Curriculum-linked Lesson Plans linked to subjects: English, History, PSHE, Art & Design - each lesson created by senior educators
  • Colourful Pupil Activity Sheets
  • Full designed and Adaptable PowerPoint introductory presentation, Support notes to guide you through the lesson

Why wait any longer?!

Download your KS2 The Kid Who Would be King Teacher Pack below:

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